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You're friendly neighborhood Neopets community!

Neopia_Fantasy the community for Neopets lovers!!
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This community is just starting out, but it is a community for those who love Neopets and all things Neopets related!

Members can post:
Helpful hints
Links to trades they are offering
Links to freebies
Links to pets they have up for adoption
Ads for their shops (as long as it's under an lj-cut)
Pictures showing off their pet
Any Neopets related graphics (banners, icons, FOB and so on)
Wish lists that any member can help fill

There will be contests and great prizes!

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1. Be kind to others. Save the drama for your mama. If you're caught starting and/or participating in drama you will be removed.
2. Make all posts FRIENDS ONLY.
3. Put all large graphics and long lists behind an lj-cut.
4. Have fun

Rules are subject to change at any time.

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MOD: wykd_faerie Taylor
MOD'S E-MAIL: wykdfaerie@comcast.net

Co-mod: None yet
Co-mod's e-mail: N/A
Co-mod's shop: N/A

If you'd like to be a co-mod, please contact me. wykdfaerie@comcast.net

Link us:

If you'd like to be an affiliate please e-mail me. wykdfaerie@comcast.net


What are neopets?
If you stumbled here by accident and are wondering what the heck neopets are, read the following:

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